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Xilinx XA9500XL Automotive CPLD

XA9500XL Automotive CPLD

The XA9500XL 3.3V CPLD Automotive XA product family is targeted for leading-edge, high-performance automotive applications that require either automotive industrial (–40°C to +85°C ambient) or extended (–40°C to +105°C ambient) temperature reconfigurable devices.

Power dissipation in CPLDs can vary substantially depending on the system frequency, design application and output loading. Each macrocell in an XA9500XL automotive device must be configured for low-power mode (default mode for XA9500XL devices). In addition, unused product-terms and macrocells are automatically deactivated by the software to further conserve power. 

For a general estimate of ICC, the following equation may be used:
ICC(mA) = MC(0.052*PT + 0.272) + 0.04 * MCTOG*MC* f
MC = # macrocells
PT = average number of product terms per macrocell
f = maximum clock frequency
MCTOG = average % of flip-flops toggling per clock (~12%)
This calculation is based on typical operating conditions using a pattern of 16-bit up/down counters in each Function Block with no output loading. 

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