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Xilinx XA Spartan 6 Automotive FPGA Family

XA Spartan 6 Automotive FPGA Family


XA Spartan 6 FPGA is the programmable chip foundation of the target design platform, which provides integrated software and hardware components, enabling designers to immediately focus on innovation at the beginning of the development cycle. These functions provide a low-cost programmable alternative to custom ASIC products with unprecedented ease of use. XA Spartan 6 FPGA provides the best solution for a flexible and scalable large-capacity logic design that requires multiple interface standards, high-bandwidth parallel DSP processing design, and cost-sensitive applications. XA Spartan 6 FGPA is manufactured using recognized low power consumption 45nm, 9 metal copper layer, double oxidation treatment technology, and meets strict automotive device-level requirements.


Low power consumption

Advanced design security

Extends the supported temperature range of automotive I class (Tj = -40°C ~ +100°C) and automotive Q class (Tj = -40°C ~ +125°C)

RoHS-compliant lead-free package

Improved IP security with AES and Device DNA

Improved operating system (OS) support using embedded MicroBlaze with MMU and FPU



Hybrid display system

Vehicle assisted driving system

XA Spartan 6 Automotive FPGA Family Devices

XA Spartan 6 Automotive FPGA Family Documents

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