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Xilinx Spartan 6 FPGAs

Spartan 6 FPGAs


The Spartan 6 series is a kind of low-cost and high-capacity FPGA. It adopts 45nm low-power copper-clad technology, which can balance power consumption, performance, and cost. The Spartan 6 series uses dual-register, 6-input LUTs, and one Series of built-in system-level modules, these system-level modules include 18Kb Block Ram, second-generation DSP48A21 Slice, SDRAM memory interface (DDR interface), robust hybrid clock management module, Select IO technology, and optimized high-speed serial transceiver GTP Transceiver, PCIe interface, advanced system-level power management mode, automatic configuration detection, enhanced IP with AES and Device DNA protection. Spartan 6 is particularly suitable for high-capacity logic design, user-oriented DSP design, and low-cost design.

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Low design cost
Low dynamic and static power consumption
45nm technology has optimized power consumption
Zero power consumption in sleep mode
Maintain internal state in suspend mode, with multiple wake-up pins
LX FPGAs, -1L uses a core voltage of 1.0V
LX and LXT FPGAs, -2, -3, and -3N use a core voltage of 1.2V
Select IO can adopt multi-level standards
Each pair of differential IO can reach a data transmission speed of up to 1080Mb/s
The output current of each pin is up to 24mA
1.2---3.3V level standards and protocols for selection
Low-power HSTL, SSTL memory interface technology
Comply with hot-swap specification
Adjustable IO interface chip slope to improve signal integrity
High-speed serial transceiver (only available in LXT FPGA)
Supported high-speed interfaces include Serial ATA, Aurora, 1G Ethernet, PCI Express, OBSAI, CPRI, EPON, GPON, DisplayPort, and XAUI
Endpoint block used in PCIe interface design (LXT FPGA only)
Support PCI interface, compatible with 33MHZ, 32bit/64bitPCI protocol
Efficient DSP48A1 module
Fast 18X18 multiplier or 48bit accumulator, with the ability to stream and cascade
Integrated memory control interface module
Support DDR, DDR2, DDR3, and LPDDR; The data rate is up to 800Mb/s; The memory control interface has multiple ports, each port contains its own independent FIFO, which can realize high-speed reading and writing of the memory
Sufficient logical resources
Optional shift register or distributed RAM
Efficient 6-input LUT
Block RAM
Each block RAM is 18Kb in size, and one block RAM can be used as two 9Kb block RAMs through programming
Clock Management Tile (CMT) clock management module
16 low-skew clock networks; internal DCM can eliminate clock skew and cycle distortion changes; internal PLL can achieve phase lock and achieve low clock jitter
Simplified device configuration
Two pins for automatic detection of configuration mode
Support SPI Flash (up to 4) and Nor Flash configuration
Xilinx Platform Flash programmed with JTAG
Support multi-boot to facilitate remote upgrade
The unique Device DNA logo is used for design certification
AES bitstream encryption
Support MicroBlaze soft processor system
Rich industrial IP and reference designs



  • Car infotainment

  • Flat panel display

  • Video Surveillance


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