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Xilinx QPro Virtex 2.5V Radiation-Hardened FPGAs

QPro Virtex 2.5V Radiation-Hardened FPGAs

The QPro Virtex family delivers high-performance, high-capacity programmable logic solutions. Dramatic increases in silicon efficiency result from optimizing the new architecture for place-and-route efficiency and exploiting an aggressive 5-layer-metal 0.22 ┬Ám CMOS process. These advances make QPro Virtex FPGAs powerful and flexible alternatives to mask-programmed gate arrays. The Virtex radiation-hardened family comprises the three members shown in Table 1.

Building on experience gained from previous generations of FPGAs, the Virtex family represents a revolutionary step forward in programmable logic design. Combining a wide variety of programmable system features, a rich hierarchy of fast, flexible interconnect resources, and advanced process technology, the QPro Virtex family delivers a high-speed and high-capacity programmable logic solution that enhances design flexibility while reducing time-to-market.

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