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Xilinx FPGA XC5200 Family

FPGA XC5200 Family

The Xilinx XC5200 Field-Programmable Gate Array Family is engineered to deliver low cost. Building on experiences gained with three previous successful SRAM FPGA families, the XC5200 family brings a robust feature set to programmable logic design. The VersaBlock logic module, the VersaRing I/O interface, and a rich hierarchy of interconnect resources combine to enhance design flexibility and reduce time-to-market. Complete support for the XC5200 family is delivered through the familiar Xilinx software environment. The FPGA XC5200 family is fully supported on popular workstation and PC platforms. Popular design entry methods are fully supported, including ABEL, schematic capture, VHDL, and Verilog HDL synthesis. Designers utilizing logic synthesis can use their existing tools to design with the XC5200 devices.


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