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Discrete Fourier Transform (Discrete Fourier Transform, abbreviated as DFT) is a discrete form of Fourier Transform in both time and frequency domain, transforming the time domain sampling of the signal into the frequency domain sampling of DTFT. Formally, the sequences at both ends of the transform (in the time and frequency domains) are of finite length, and in fact both sets of sequences should be considered as the main sequence of discrete periodic signals. Even if DFT is performed on a discrete signal of finite length, it should be regarded as a transformation of its periodic extension. In practical applications, fast Fourier transform is usually used to calculate DFT.




Discrete Fourier Transform Abbreviation of Discrete Fourier Transform

DFT testability design (integrated circuit design technology)

In short, adding these structures in the design stage increases the complexity of the circuit and seems to increase the cost, but it can often save more time and money in the test stage.


Density Functional Theory


Dry film thickness (dry film thickness) refers to the thickness of the coating after the paint film is dried.

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