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英[kənˌfɪɡə'reɪʃn] Beauty [kənˌfɪɡjə'reɪʃn] n. Structure; layout; shape; Gestalt psychological cloze [computer] configuration.



Used as a noun (n.)

It is something resembling this structure in configuration or pattern.

   This is something similar to this structure in appearance or structure.

The configuration of this plant is complex.

   The layout of this factory is very complicated.

This is the configuration of the earth's surface.

  This is the shape of the earth's surface.

Where do I put my configuration files?

  Where did I put the configuration file?

We sell computer systems in lots of different configurations.

   We sell various computer systems with different configurations.


  • XCS05-3VQG100I


    FPGA Spartan Family 5K Gates 238 Cells 125MHz 5V 100-Pin VTQFP

  • XC3S5000-5FGG676C


    FPGA Spartan-3 Family 5M Gates 74880 Cells 725MHz 90nm Technology 1.2V 676-Pin FBGA

  • XC3S500E-4CPG132I


    FPGA Spartan-3E Family 500K Gates 10476 Cells 572MHz 90nm Technology 1.2V 132-Pin CSBGA

  • XC5210-4TQ144C


    FPGA XC5200 Family 16K Gates 1296 Cells 83MHz 0.5um Technology 5V 144-Pin TQFP

  • XC2S50E-7FT256C


    FPGA Spartan-IIE Family 50K Gates 1728 Cells 400MHz 0.15um Technology 1.8V 256-Pin FTBGA

FPGA Tutorial Lattice FPGA
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