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Combinatorial (most) optimization problems are a type of optimization problems. Optimization problems seem to naturally fall into two categories: one is the problem of continuous variables, and the other is the problem of discrete variables. The problem with discrete variables is called combined. In the problem of continuous variables, it is generally to find a set of real numbers, or a function; in the combination problem, it is to find an object from an infinite set or countable infinite set-typically an integer, a set, a Arrange, or a picture. Generally, these two types of problems have quite different characteristics, and the methods for solving them are also very different.


  • XC2S50E-6PQ208C


    FPGA Spartan-IIE Family 50K Gates 1728 Cells 357MHz 0.15um Technology 1.8V 208-Pin HSPQFP EP

  • XCS05-4VQG100C


    FPGA Spartan Family 5K Gates 238 Cells 166MHz 5V 100-Pin VTQFP

  • XC3S500E-4CP132C


    FPGA Spartan-3E Family 500K Gates 10476 Cells 572MHz 90nm Technology 1.2V 132-Pin CSBGA

  • XC3S500E-4FGG320CS1


    FPGA Spartan-3E Family 500K Gates 10476 Cells 572MHz 90nm Technology 1.2V 320-Pin FBGA

  • XC5210-5PQ160C


    FPGA XC5200 Family 16K Gates 1296 Cells 83MHz 0.5um Technology 5V 160-Pin PQFP

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