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CMOS is the abbreviation of Complementary Metal Oxide Semiconductor. It refers to a technology used to manufacture large-scale integrated circuit chips or a chip manufactured using this technology. It is a readable and writable RAM chip on the computer motherboard. Because of the readable and writable characteristics, it is used to save the data on the computer motherboard after setting the computer hardware parameters. This chip is only used to store data.

A voltage-controlled amplifier device is the basic unit of CMOS digital integrated circuits.

The setting of each parameter in the BIOS must go through a special program. The BIOS setup program is generally integrated into the chip by the manufacturer. When booting, the BIOS setup program can be entered through a specific button to conveniently set up the system. Therefore, BIOS settings are sometimes called CMOS settings.

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In the computer field, CMOS often refers to a chip that stores basic computer startup information (such as date, time, startup settings, etc.). Sometimes people will confuse CMOS and BIOS. In fact, CMOS is a readable and writable parallel or serial FLASH chip on the motherboard. It is used to save the BIOS hardware configuration and user settings for certain parameters.

Today, the CMOS manufacturing process is also used in the production of photosensitive elements for digital imaging equipment, especially SLR digital cameras with larger frame sizes.

In addition, CMOS can also refer to complementary metal oxide semiconductor devices and processes.

Therefore, to this day, although they are all called CMOS due to process reasons, CMOS has very different appearance characteristics in three application areas:

First, it is used for computer information storage. CMOS is used as a rewritable chip. In this field, users usually do not care about the hardware problems of CMOS, but only care about the information written on CMOS, that is, the BIOS setting problem, which mentioned The most common thing is to remove the battery on the motherboard when the system fails and perform CMOS discharge operation to restore the BIOS settings.

Secondly, in the field of digital imaging, CMOS has been developed as a low-cost photosensitive element technology. Commonly used in digital products on the market, the photosensitive element is mainly CCD or CMOS, especially low-end camera products, and usually high-end cameras are CCD photosensitive element.

The third is in the field of more professional integrated circuit design and manufacturing.



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