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1. The data communication module DCM is a network communication function module used in automobiles. It can be connected with just one touch, so that users can enjoy high-speed communication without considering the login time and transmission volume. Moreover, DCM has an automatic connection function when it is interrupted, such as a car. When passing the tunnel.

2. Digital Clock Manager. A design element which provides multiple functions. It can implement a clockdelay locked loop, a digital frequency synthesizer, digital phase shifter, and a digital spread spectrum.


Abbreviation extension

1.DCM --- Data Communication Module 

2.DCM—Debt Capital Market 

3.D.C.M. abbr.

1). DCM=Doctor of Comparative Medicine 

2). DCM=Distinguished Conduct Medal 

4.DCM=dream caii mail 

5.DCM=Discontinuous Conduction Mode.与CCM(Continuous Conduction Mode)


7.DCM=Direct Current Motor 

8.DCM=Direction Cosine Matrix 

9.DCM=Digital Clock Management 

10. DCM=Debt Capital Markets 

11.DCM=Dynamic causal modeling

12.DCM=differential confocal microscopy 

13.DCM(Dicom)Is an image format. Commonly used in some medical documents, generally CR or CT. As a general image and data communication standard that has nothing to do with manufacturers, DCM has been widely used in medical imaging equipment and PACS network interconnection in the world. The new version of Photoshop also supports DCM format files.

14.DCM=diabetic cardiomyopathy 

15.DCM=Delta Capital Markets Limited 

16.discontinuous conduction mode 


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