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Synplify, Synplify Pro and Synplify Premier are logic synthesis tools provided by Synplicity (Synopsys acquired Synplicity in 2008) specifically for FPGA and CPLD implementation. Synplicity's tools cover programmable logic devices (FPGAs, PLDs and CPLDs) The field of synthesis, verification, debugging, physical synthesis and prototype verification.


Direction of use

Dataquest’s EDA market statistics show that Synplicity’s FPGA synthesis tools have ranked first in the comprehensive software market for five consecutive years. According to the latest market share data, Synplicity's global FPGA market share in 2004 was an absolute leading 67%, far ahead of the second 26%. In the high-end FPGA market, Synplicity's advantages are more obvious, maintaining absolute market share. At the same time, the use of Synplicity's synthesis tools is 5 to 10 times faster than traditional synthesis tools. All products support industry standard design languages (VHDL and Verilog) and can be applied to the most common operating systems. Its customers are also located in many fields such as communications, semiconductors, aerospace, computers and military electronics, such as: Philips, Agilent, Cisco, Lockheed, GE, Siemens, Lucent, Ericsson, Huawei, ZTE, UTStarcom, etc. .

Synplify Pro is a high-performance FPGA synthesis tool that provides an excellent HDL synthesis solution for complex programmable logic design. It includes the BEST algorithm to optimize the design as a whole; automatic retiming of critical paths can improve performance by up to 25%; Support mixed design input of VHDL and Verilog, and support netlist *.edn file input; enhanced support for System Verilog; Pipeline function improves multiplier and ROM performance; finite state machine optimizer can automatically find the optimal Coding method; interactive indexing between timing report and RTL view and RTL source code; automatic recognition of RAM, avoiding complicated RAM instantiation.


Synplify Premier is a powerful FPGA integrated environment. Synplify Premier not only integrates all optimization options of Synplify Pro, including BEST algorithm, Resource Sharing, Retiming, Cross-Probing and so on. It also integrates the patented Graph-Based Physical Synthesis technology and provides the Floor Plan option. It is an industry-leading FPGA physical synthesis solution that can maximize the performance of high-end FPGAs; thus, it can easily deal with complex high-end FPGA designs and orders. Chip ASIC prototype verification. These unique features include: full compatibility with ASIC codes; support for Gated Clock conversion; support for Design Ware conversion. At the same time, because of the integration of the online debugging tool Identify, it greatly facilitates the user's software and hardware co-simulation, ensuring a successful design, thereby greatly shortening the entire software and hardware development and debugging cycle. Identify is the only RTL-level debugging tool that can debug the FPGA in real time while it is running, speeding up the verification of the entire FPGA. Identify software has two parts: Instrumentor and Debugger. Before debugging, set the signal and breakpoint information to be observed through the Instrumentor, then perform synthesis, place and route. Finally, debug online via Debugger. Synplify Premier HDL Analyst provides excellent code optimization and graphical analysis and debugging interface; Certify ensures that customers complete their work quickly and efficiently when using multiple FPGAs for ASIC/SoC verification; Synopsys has also launched code generation and synthesis tools based on DSP algorithms Synplify DSP builds a bridge between algorithm verification and RTL code implementation; HAPS is a high-performance ASIC prototype verification system, which greatly reduces the risk of a tape-out success and saves time to market.


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