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Dedicated input pin. This pin is a configuration control input pin. If this pin is set low in user mode, the FPGA will lose its configuration data and enter a reset state, and set all I/O pins to tri-state. The transition of nCONFIG from low level to high level will initiate the reconfiguration process. If the configuration scheme uses an enhanced configuration device or EPC2, the user can connect the nCONFIG pin directly to VCC or to the nINIT_CONF pin of the configuration chip. This pin has an input buffer to support the hysteresis function of Schmitt trigger. In fact, in user mode, the nCONFIG signal is used to initiate reconfiguration. When the nCONFIG pin is set low, the initialization process begins. When the nCONFIG pin is set low, CII is reset and enters the reset state. The nSTATUS and CONF_DONE pins are set low, and all I/O pins enter tri-state. The nCONFIG signal must remain at least 2us. When nCONFIG returns to the high state again, nSTATUS is released again. The reconfiguration begins. In the actual application process, the nCONFIG pin can be connected to a 10K pull-up resistor to 3.3V.


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