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X Display Manager allows you to start a session on a local X server or a remote X server.




Login interface displayed by KDM (KDE Display Manager).

The display manager presents the user with a login interface and prompts for the user and password. When the user successfully enters the correct user and password, the display manager will start a session.

When the display manager is running on the user's computer, it will start the X server before displaying the login interface, and it can be run repeatedly after the user logs out. In this case, the display manager implements init, getty, and login functions under the character type terminal in the XWindow system. When the display manager runs on a remote computer, it plays a role similar to a telnet server and requires a user name and password to start a remote session.

In October 1988, X11Release3 introduced the display manager, and its goal was to support independent X terminals on the market. Various display managers continue to provide graphical login prompts on independent workstations running the X system. In December 1989, X11R4 introduced the X Display Manager Control Protocol (XDMCP) to fix the problems caused by X11R3.


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