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Product Term Sharing Array (PTSA) allows any product term from the array to be shared by any GLB output, eliminating the same product term group.



An erasable programmable logic device which includes a programmable AND memory array and a macrocell processing the output of the AND array allows product term sharing/allocation by adjacent macrocells. Two groups of four product terms each are coupled to each macrocell, wherein the OR'ing of each group of four product terms are each coupled to a multiplexor. One group is also coupled to a previously adjacent macrocell and the second group is coupled to a subsequently adjacent macrocell. A third and fourth multiplexor accepts four product terms from each of the adjacent macrocells and the output of the four multiplexers is coupled to an OR gate. When a multiplexor is activated, it couples each grouping of four product terms to the OR gate and the output of the OR gate is coupled to an I/O circuit which emulates combinatory and sequential logic circuits. By selecting appropriate multiplexors each eight product term macrocell is capable of processing 0, 4, 8, 12, or 16 product terms. An alternative embodiment has three groupings of product terms wherein only two of the groupings are shared by adjacent macrocells.


  • XC2C64A-7VQ100I


    CPLD CoolRunner -II Family 1.5K Gates 64 Macro Cells 159MHz 0.18um Technology 1.8V 100-Pin VTQFP

  • XCV200-5PQ240C


    FPGA Virtex Family 236.666K Gates 5292 Cells 294MHz 0.22um Technology 2.5V 240-Pin PQFP

  • XCV200-6BG352I


    FPGA Virtex Family 236.666K Gates 5292 Cells 333MHz 0.22um Technology 2.5V 352-Pin Metal BGA

  • XC4028XL-2HQ160C


    FPGA XC4000X Family 28K Gates 2432 Cells 0.35um Technology 3.3V 160-Pin HSPQFP EP

  • XC4028XL-3BG352C


    FPGA XC4000X Family 28K Gates 2432 Cells 0.35um Technology 3.3V 352-Pin Metal BGA

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