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PDIP (PDIP Plastic Dual In-Line Package) is translated as a plastic dual in-line package, one of the forms of chip packaging.




1. DIP package

The popular in the 1970s was the dual in-line package, referred to as DIP (Dual In-line Package). DIP packaging structure has the following characteristics:

1. Suitable for PCB perforation installation;

2. It is easier to route PCB than TO type package;

3. Easy to operate.

DIP package structure forms are: multilayer ceramic double inline DIP, single layer ceramic double inline DIP, lead frame DIP (including glass ceramic sealing type, plastic encapsulation structure type, ceramic low melting glass package type) .

An important indicator to measure the advancement of a chip packaging technology is the ratio of chip area to package area. The closer this ratio is to 1, the better. Taking a CPU with 40 I/O pin plastic encapsulated dual in-line packages (PDIP) as an example, its chip area/package area=3×3/15.24×50=1:86, which is far away from 1 . It is not difficult to see that this package size is much larger than the chip, indicating that the packaging efficiency is very low and takes up a lot of effective installation area.

During this period, Intel's CPUs, such as 8086 and 80286, were packaged in PDIP.

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