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Enabling is responsible for the input and output of control signals. It is a verb, English ‘Enable’. English Enable, the prefix en- is the meaning of enable, capable is able. Together, it is enabled. In general, the enable is a "permit" signal, and the feed enable is the signal that allows the feed, that is, the motor can only rotate when the feed enable signal is valid. The general CNC system will connect the feed enable signal of the motor with the emergency stop switch and the stroke limit switch. When the emergency stop switch is pressed or the machine tool runs beyond the stroke, the feed enable signal is disconnected and the motor cannot continue Rotate to protect the machine tool in a safe stroke.


The enable is an input pin of the chip or an input port of the circuit. Only when this pin is activated, for example, when it is placed at a high level, the entire module can work normally. You can think of things like pistols or fire extinguishers.

Range of use

Enabling is not just about control, it is a kind of demand response after meeting certain conditions. For example, the enable terminal in the TTL three-state output gate circuit is also the control terminal. When the enable terminal is active at low level, the circuit realizes the function of NAND gate; when it is high, the circuit is in a high-impedance state.

The application range of enabling is also very wide, not limited to the electromechanical industry, for example, the signal enable is also used in wap. It is widely used in SCM and digital circuits. For example, the trigger and counter of counting electricity will have an enable terminal to control their work.

Some commands in the network device are turned off, so you need to modify the enable (that is, turn on) to make it work normally. For example, if the computer motherboard needs to enable some functions, it must be enabled.


  • XC2V1500-5BG575I


    FPGA Virtex-II Family 1.5M Gates 17280 Cells 750MHz 0.15um Technology 1.5V 575-Pin BGA

  • XC2V1500-5FG676I


    FPGA Virtex-II Family 1.5M Gates 17280 Cells 750MHz 0.15um Technology 1.5V 676-Pin FBGA

  • XC3064-100PC84C


    FPGA XC3000 Family 4.5K Gates 224 Cells 100MHz 5V 84-Pin PLCC

  • XC2C64A-7PG56C


    Xilinx BGA56

  • XC2C64A-7VQ100I


    CPLD CoolRunner -II Family 1.5K Gates 64 Macro Cells 159MHz 0.18um Technology 1.8V 100-Pin VTQFP

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