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ISR(Interrupt Service Routine)   



This register is used to store all the interrupt levels being serviced, including interrupt levels that have not been serviced but were interrupted by other interrupts in the middle.

The so-called interrupt refers to when the CPU is processing something, an external event (such as a level change, the occurrence of a pulse edge or timer count overflow, etc.) requests the CPU to quickly process, so the CPU is temporarily suspended Current work, turn to deal with the incident that happened. After the interrupt service has processed the incident, it will return to the place where it was suspended and continue the original work.

Interrupt is a hardware mechanism used to notify the CPU that an asynchronous event has occurred. Once the interrupt is recognized by the system, the CPU saves part (or all) of the context, that is, the value of some (or all) registers, and jumps to a special subroutine called an interrupt service routine (ISR). The interrupt service program does event processing. After the processing is completed, the task scheduling is performed. The program returns to the ready state and the task with the highest priority starts to run (for the deprivable kernel).


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