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Mentor's ModelSim is the industry's best HDL language simulation software. It can provide a friendly simulation environment and is the industry's only single-core simulator that supports VHDL and Verilog mixed simulation. It uses directly optimized compilation technology, Tcl/Tk technology, and single-core simulation technology. Compilation simulation speed is fast, and the compiled code is independent of the platform. It is easy to protect the IP core, personalized graphical interface and user interface, and accelerate debugging for users. Provide a powerful means, is the first choice of simulation software for FPGA/ASIC design.


Main feature

· RTL and gate-level optimization, local compilation structure, fast compilation simulation speed, cross-platform and cross-version simulation;

· Single core VHDL and Verilog mixed simulation;

· Source code templates and assistants, project management;

· Integrated performance analysis, waveform comparison, code coverage, data flow ChaseX, Signal Spy, Virtual Object Virtual Object, Memory window, Assertion window, source window display signal value, signal condition breakpoint and many other debugging functions;

· C and Tcl/Tk interface, C debugging;

· Direct support for SystemC, arbitrarily mixed with HDL;

· Support the design function of SystemVerilog;

· The most comprehensive support for system-level description languages, SystemVerilog, SystemC, PSL;

· ASIC Sign off.

· Behavioral, RTL level, and gate-level codes can be performed individually or simultaneously.

ModelSim version

There are several different versions of ModelSim: SE, PE, LE and OEM, of which SE is the most advanced version, and the OEM version is integrated in the design tools of FPGA manufacturers such as Actel, Atmel, Altera, Xilinx and Lattice.

The SE version and the OEM version have big differences in function and performance. For example, for the simulation speed problem that everyone cares about, take the OEM version ModelSim XE provided by Xilinx as an example. For the design with less than 40,000 lines of code, ModelSim SE is better than ModelSim XE is 10 times faster; for designs with more than 40,000 lines of code, ModelSim SE is nearly 40 times faster than ModelSim XE.

ModelSim SE supports PC, UNIX and LINUX mixed platforms; provides comprehensive and high-performance verification functions; fully supports the industry's broad standards; Mentor Graphics provides the industry's best technical support and services.

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