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MATLAB is a commercial mathematics software produced by MathWorks in the United States. It is used in data analysis, wireless communication, deep learning, image processing and computer vision, signal processing, quantitative finance and risk management, robotics, and control systems.

MATLAB is a combination of two words matrix & laboratory, which means matrix factory (matrix laboratory). The software mainly faces the high-tech computing environment of scientific computing, visualization and interactive programming. It integrates many powerful functions such as numerical analysis, matrix calculation, scientific data visualization, and modeling and simulation of nonlinear dynamic systems in an easy-to-use window environment. It is a scientific research, engineering design, and many sciences that must perform effective numerical calculations. The field provides a comprehensive solution, and to a large extent got rid of the editing mode of traditional non-interactive programming languages (such as C, Fortran).

MATLAB, Mathematica and Maple are also called the three major mathematical software. It is second to none in numerical calculation in mathematical science and technology application software. MATLAB can perform matrix operations, draw functions and data, implement algorithms, create user interfaces, and connect programs in other programming languages. The basic data unit of MATLAB is a matrix, and its instruction expressions are very similar to the commonly used forms in mathematics and engineering. Therefore, it is much simpler to use MATLAB to solve problems than to use C, FORTRAN and other languages to accomplish the same thing, and MATLAB also Absorbing the advantages of software such as Maple, makes MATLAB a powerful mathematical software. In the new version also added support for C, FORTRAN, C++, JAVA.




Application field

Numerical Analysis

Numerical and symbolic calculations

Engineering and Scientific Drawing

Design and simulation of control system

Digital image processing

Digital signal processing

Communication system design and simulation

Finance and Financial Engineering

Important function

·MATLAB®: MATLAB language unit testing framework

  ·Trading Toolbox™: a new product for accessing prices and sending orders to the trading system

  Financial Instruments Toolbox™: Calibration and Monte Carlo simulation of Hull-White, linear Gaussian and LIBOR market models

  · Image Processing Toolbox™: Image segmentation using effective contours, C code generation for 10 functions, and GPU acceleration for 11 functions

  ·Image Acquisition Toolbox™: Provides Kinect® for Windows® sensor support for acquiring images, depth maps and frame data

  ·Statistics Toolbox™: Support Vector Machine (SVM) for binary classification, PCA algorithm for missing data, and Anderson-Darling goodness-of-fit test

  ·Data Acquisition Toolbox™: Support package for Digilent Analog Discovery Design Kit

  Vehicle Network Toolbox™: Provides XCP for accessing ECUs on the CAN bus.


Service support

Important features of Simulink product family

  ·Simulink®: Simulation Performance Advisor, encapsulation of link library modules, and control of effective variables through logical expressions

  ·Simulink: In addition to LEGO® MINDSTORMS® NXT, Arduino®, Pandaboard and Beagleboard, it also provides built-in support for Raspberry Pi™ and Gumstix® Overo® hardware

  ·SimRF™: circuit envelope solver for fast simulation and model loading time

  ·SimMechanics™: Published XML schema for importing models from CAD and other systems

  ·Simulink Design Verifier™: Array exceeds boundary check

   MATLAB and Simulink system toolbox

  Communications System Toolbo Sphere decoder and Constellation block diagram system objects

  ·Computer Vision System Toolbox™: Camera calibration, stereo vision, Viola-Jones object detection training, FREAK feature extraction and other new functions

  ·DSPSystem Toolbox™: spectrum analyzer and logic analysis oscilloscope, and the trigger of time domain oscilloscope

·Phased Array System Toolbox™: polarization support, array taper, and application code generation and implementation for sensor array analysis, waveform analysis, and radar equation calculation

  ·Simulink Coder™: Reduced data copy of Simulink functions called from Stateflow®

  Fixed-Point Designer™: A new product that combines the functions of Fixed-Point Toolbox™ and Simulink Fixed Point™

  ·HDL Verifier™: Generate HDL test bench from MATLAB.


1) High-efficiency numerical calculation and symbolic calculation functions can free users from the analysis of complicated mathematical operations;

2) It has a complete graphics processing function to realize the visualization of calculation results and programming;

3) Friendly user interface and naturalized language close to mathematical expressions make scholars easy to learn and master;

4) Function-rich application toolbox (such as signal processing toolbox, communication toolbox, etc.) provides users with a large number of convenient and practical processing tools.

Programming environment

MATLAB consists of a series of tools. These tools make it easy for users to use MATLAB functions and files. Many of these tools use a graphical user interface. Including MATLAB desktop and command window, history command window, editor and debugger, path search and browser for user browsing help, working space, file. With the commercialization of MATLAB and the continuous upgrade of the software itself, the user interface of MATLAB is becoming more and more refined, closer to the standard interface of Windows, with stronger human-computer interaction and simpler operation. And the new version of MATLAB provides a complete online query, help system, which greatly facilitates the user's use. The simple programming environment provides a relatively complete debugging system, the program can be run directly without compiling, and can promptly report errors and analyze the causes of errors.

Easy to use

Matlab is a high-level matrix/array language that contains control statements, functions, data structures, input and output, and object-oriented programming features. The user can synchronize the input statement with the execution command in the command window, or write a large and complex application (M file) before running it together. The new version of MATLAB language is based on the most popular C++ language, so the grammatical characteristics are very similar to the C++ language, and it is simpler and more in line with the scientific staff's writing format of mathematical expressions. Make it more useful for non-computer professional scientific and technical personnel. Moreover, this language has good portability and strong expandability, which is also an important reason why MATLAB can penetrate into various fields of scientific research and engineering calculation.

Powerful processing

MATLAB is a collection containing a large number of calculation algorithms. It has more than 600 mathematical operation functions to be used in the project, which can conveniently realize various calculation functions required by users. The algorithms used in the function are the latest research results in scientific research and engineering calculations, and have undergone various optimizations and fault-tolerant processing. Under normal circumstances, it can be used to replace low-level programming languages, such as C and C++. In the case of the same calculation requirements, the programming workload using MATLAB will be greatly reduced. These function sets of MATLAB include everything from the simplest and most basic functions to complex functions such as matrices, feature vectors, and fast Fourier transforms. The problems that the function can solve include matrix operations and linear equations, differential equations and partial differential equations, symbolic operations, Fourier transform and statistical analysis of data, optimization problems in engineering, sparse matrix operations, Various operations of complex numbers, trigonometric functions and other elementary mathematical operations, multi-dimensional array operations, and dynamic simulation of modeling, etc.

Graphics processing

MATLAB has a convenient data visualization function since the day it was created, to express vectors and matrices with graphics, and to label and print the graphics. High-level drawing includes 2D and 3D visualization, image processing, animation and expression drawing. Can be used for scientific calculations and engineering drawings. The new version of MATLAB has greatly improved and perfected the entire graphics processing function, making it not only more complete in the functions that general data visualization software has (such as the drawing and processing of 2D curves and 3D surfaces), but also Some functions that are not available in other software (such as graphics light processing, chroma processing, and four-dimensional data performance, etc.), MATLAB also shows excellent processing capabilities. At the same time, for some special visualization requirements, such as graphical dialogue, etc., MATLAB also has corresponding function functions to ensure the requirements of users at different levels. In addition, the new version of MATLAB also focuses on making great improvements in the production of graphical user interface (GUI), users with special requirements in this regard can also be met.

Module tools

MATLAB has developed a powerful set of modules and toolboxes for many specialized fields. In general, they are developed by experts in specific fields, and users can directly use the toolbox to learn, apply, and evaluate different methods without writing their own code. Fields such as data acquisition, database interface, probability statistics, spline fitting, optimization algorithms, partial differential equation solving, neural networks, wavelet analysis, signal processing, image processing, system identification, control system design, LMI control, robust control , Model prediction, fuzzy logic, financial analysis, map tools, nonlinear control design, real-time rapid prototyping and semi-physical simulation, embedded system development, fixed-point simulation, DSP and communication, power system simulation, etc., are all in the toolbox (Toolbox) The family has its place.

Program interface

The new version of MATLAB can use the MATLAB compiler and C/C++ math library and graphics library to automatically convert its MATLAB program into C and C++ code that runs independently of MATLAB. Allow users to write C or C++ language programs that can interact with MATLAB. In addition, the MATLAB web service program also allows the use of your own MATLAB math and graphics programs in Web applications. An important feature of MATLAB is that it has a program extension system and a set of special application subprograms called toolboxes. Toolbox is a subroutine library of MATLAB functions. Each toolbox is customized for a certain discipline and application, mainly including signal processing, control system, neural network, fuzzy logic, wavelet analysis and system simulation. application.

Software development

In the development environment, it makes it easier for users to control multiple files and graphics windows; in programming, it supports function nesting, conditional interruption, etc.; in terms of graphics, it has more powerful graphics annotation and processing functions, including Sexual connection, connection notes, etc.; in terms of input and output, you can directly connect to Excel and HDF5.


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