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Microprocessor is an English word, a noun, which means "[计] microprocessor" when used as a noun.


Word pronunciation

British [ˌmaɪkrəʊˈprəʊsesə(r)] American [ˌmaɪkroʊˈprɑːsesər,ˌmaɪkroʊˈproʊsesər]

Phrase collocation

microprocessor control microprocessor control; microcomputer control; microprocessor control; microcomputer control

microprocessor set: microprocessor set; microprocessor set; microprocessor set

microprocessor system microprocessor system; microprocessor system; microprocessor system English

catalogue microprocessor microprocessor sample

monolithic microprocessor monolithic microprocessor; monolithic microprocessor

slice microprocessor

Microprocessor Practice: Microprocessor Practice; Microprocessor Practice

microprocessor modem microprocessor lamp demodulation; microprocessor modem; microprocessor modem English

Microprocessor Ics Microcontroller; Microprocessor Chip; Microprocessor

Example sentences

I will be discussing system design and theoretical concepts of microprocessor.

A microcomputer generally used by only one person at a time uses a microprocessor chip as its CPU.

The personal computer is the microcomputer one kind in other words, it only uses a microprocessor.


  • XCS20-4TQ144I


    Spartan and Spartan-XL Families Field Programmable Gate Arrays

  • XC5215-6HQ208I


    FPGA XC5200 Family 23K Gates 1936 Cells 83MHz 0.5um Technology 5V 208-Pin HSPQFP EP

  • XC5215-6PQ160I


    FPGA XC5200 Family 23K Gates 1936 Cells 83MHz 0.5um Technology 5V 160-Pin PQFP

  • XC2V1000-4FFG896C


    FPGA Virtex-II Family 1M Gates 11520 Cells 650MHz 0.15um Technology 1.5V 896-Pin FCBGA

  • XC3S700A-4FGG400C


    FPGA Spartan-3A Family 700K Gates 13248 Cells 667MHz 90nm Technology 1.2V 400-Pin FBGA

FPGA Tutorial Lattice FPGA
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