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Time to market.



Market time is the continuity and sequence of the process of market subjects exchanging objects. In different types of markets or the same type of market, there are always discontinuities and continuities in the buying and selling relationship or lending relationship between the supply and demand parties, thus showing the difference in the time and method of exchange. For example, the capital market includes both short-term financial markets, that is, the loan capital market with a maturity of less than one year, and long-term financial markets, that is, the loan capital market and the securities market with a maturity of more than one year: Observe general commodity exchange and the time structure of the market It consists of spot trading, futures trading and credit trading.

Spot transaction is a type of transaction that completes delivery immediately or within a very short period of time after the transaction is established. This kind of transaction has the longest history and is the most basic way, suitable for small batches and other uncertain commodity circulation. Due to the extremely short spot transaction time, "face-to-face transactions, both silver and goods", the transfer of rights between the parties and the displacement of the exchange objects are generally carried out simultaneously, so the price signal is not easy to be distorted, and competition is not easy to cause false demand. This kind of transaction has a flexible guidance and adjustment effect on the behavior of producers and consumers, but it is not suitable for mass transactions. In futures trading, a certain date is agreed upon when the transaction is established before delivery. It is suitable for transactions in commodities, securities, foreign exchange, etc.


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