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SelectRAM´ú¬ refers to using the internal lookup table as RAM instead of the function generator. SelectRAM is also called distributed RAM or lookup table RAM. Each lookup table can be configured as a RAM with a depth of 16 and a width of 1. The characteristic is that it can write synchronously and read asynchronously SelectRAM can also refer to dual port RAM.


  • XC2C384-7TQG144C


    CPLD CoolRunner -II Family 9K Gates 384 Macro Cells 217MHz 0.18um Technology 1.8V 144-Pin TQFP EP

  • XC2C512-10FGG324I


    CPLD CoolRunner -II Family 12K Gates 512 Macro Cells 128MHz 0.18um Technology 1.8V 324-Pin FBGA

  • XCS10XL-VQ100AKP


    Xilinx QFP100

  • XC3S50-5TQG144C


    FPGA Spartan-3 Family 50K Gates 1728 Cells 725MHz 90nm Technology 1.2V 144-Pin TQFP EP

  • XC3S50A-4FT256I


    FPGA Spartan-3A Family 50K Gates 1584 Cells 667MHz 90nm Technology 1.2V 256-Pin FTBGA

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