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Introduction to XCVU13P Virtex UltraScale+ Series - AMD

Date: May 23, 2024

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What is XCVU13P

The XCVU13P is a member of the Virtex™ UltraScale+™ family of FPGAs, designed to provide exceptional performance and integration capabilities using a 14nm/16nm FinFET process node. Leveraging AMD's 3rd generation 3D IC technology with stacked silicon interconnect (SSI), it overcomes the traditional limitations of Moore’s law. This enables the XCVU13P to deliver the highest levels of signal processing and serial I/O bandwidth necessary for the most demanding applications.


It supports registered inter-die routing lines that allow for operation speeds exceeding 600 MHz and offers extensive and flexible clocking resources. These features collectively provide a seamless virtual monolithic design experience. The XCVU13P is particularly well-suited for compute-intensive applications such as 1+Tb/s networking, machine learning, and radar/early-warning systems, making it a top choice in the FPGA market for high-performance and complex design requirements.

What Series does XCVU13P Belong to?

The XCVU13P belongs to the Virtex™ UltraScale+™ series of FPGAs.

Key Features and Benefits:

  • 3D-on-3D Integration: Utilizes FinFET with 3D IC technology for exceptional density, bandwidth, and extensive inter-die connectivity, creating a virtual monolithic design.
  • Enhanced DSP Cores: Delivers up to 38 TOPs (22 TeraMACs) of DSP compute performance, optimized for fixed and floating-point computations, including INT8 for AI inference.
  • 32.75Gb/s Transceivers: Equipped with up to 128 high-speed transceivers, suitable for backplane, chip-to-optics, and chip-to-chip communications.
  • Integrated Block for PCI Express: Features a Gen3 x16 PCIe® block, supporting 100G applications.
  • Memory: Supports DDR4 memory at speeds up to 2,666Mb/s and includes up to 500Mb of on-chip memory caches for enhanced efficiency and reduced latency.
  • ASIC-Class Networking IP: Provides 150G Interlaken and 100G Ethernet MAC cores for high-speed connectivity.

Manufacturer of XCVU13P - AMD

The manufacturer of XCVU13P is AMD. Following the announcement of its $35 billion acquisition of Xilinx in 2020, AMD has incorporated Xilinx's advanced FPGA technology into its product portfolio. Xilinx, a leader in the FPGA field, is renowned for its programmable logic devices and extensive technical expertise. Through this acquisition, AMD has not only expanded its market share in data centers, communications, automotive, and industrial sectors but also strengthened its competitiveness in cutting-edge applications such as high-performance computing and artificial intelligence. Leveraging its expertise in high-performance processors, AMD combines it with Xilinx's flexible and scalable FPGA technology to provide customers with more powerful and comprehensive solutions to meet the growing demands of computation and connectivity.

Example Item - XCVU13P-2FHGA2104I


The XCVU13P-2FHGA2104I is a high-performance FPGA manufactured by AMD as part of their Virtex® UltraScale+™ series. With its impressive array of 216,000 LABs/CLBs and 3,780,000 logic elements/cells, this FPGA offers extensive programmability and computational power suitable for a wide range of applications. Featuring 832 I/O ports and a total RAM capacity of 514,867,200 bits, it provides robust connectivity and memory capabilities. With a voltage supply range of 0.825V to 0.876V and an operating temperature range of -40°C to 100°C, the XCVU13P-2FHGA2104I is designed to deliver reliable performance even in demanding environments.








Virtex® UltraScale+™



Part Status


DigiKey Programmable

Not Verified

Number of LABs/CLBs


Number of Logic Elements/Cells


Total RAM Bits


Number of I/O


Voltage - Supply

0.825V ~ 0.876V

Mounting Type

Surface Mount

Operating Temperature

-40°C ~ 100°C (TJ)

Package / Case


XCVU13P Application & Uses

High-Speed Networking:

  • Application: XCVU13P FPGAs are extensively used in high-speed networking equipment such as switches and routers. They facilitate tasks like packet forwarding, quality of service (QoS) management, and traffic shaping.
  • Detailed Use: In data centers and telecommunications networks, the XCVU13P enables efficient packet processing, ensuring fast and reliable data transmission. Its customizable architecture allows for the implementation of proprietary networking protocols and algorithms, optimizing network performance.

Data Center Acceleration:

  • Application: XCVU13P FPGAs play a crucial role in accelerating data center workloads, including encryption, compression, and database operations.
  • Detailed Use: Within data centers, these FPGAs offload computationally intensive tasks from CPUs, accelerating data processing and reducing latency. They are employed in data compression algorithms for efficient storage utilization and encryption/decryption operations to enhance data security.

Wireless Communication Systems:

  • Application: XCVU13P FPGAs are integral to wireless communication systems, supporting functions such as baseband processing, channel coding, and signal modulation/demodulation.
  • Detailed Use: In cellular base stations and wireless access points, the XCVU13P FPGA handles complex signal processing tasks, ensuring reliable wireless connectivity. It supports multiple air interfaces and standards, enabling seamless communication in diverse wireless environments.

Image and Video Processing:

  • Application: XCVU13P FPGAs are deployed in image and video processing applications, including medical imaging, surveillance, and broadcast video processing.
  • Detailed Use: Within medical imaging systems, these FPGAs accelerate tasks such as image reconstruction, filtering, and feature extraction, aiding in diagnostic procedures. In video surveillance systems, they enable real-time video analytics, object detection, and tracking for enhanced security.

Embedded Systems and IoT:

  • Application: XCVU13P FPGAs are utilized in embedded systems and IoT devices for sensor interfacing, control logic, and real-time data processing.
  • Detailed Use: In industrial automation and IoT applications, these FPGAs interface with sensors and actuators, executing control algorithms and processing sensor data in real-time. Their low-power consumption and high-performance characteristics make them ideal for edge computing tasks in smart infrastructure.

High-Performance Computing (HPC):

  • Application: XCVU13P FPGAs are employed in HPC clusters and supercomputers for parallel processing, scientific simulations, and computational fluid dynamics (CFD).
  • Detailed Use: Within scientific research and engineering, these FPGAs accelerate simulations of complex phenomena such as fluid dynamics, climate modeling, and molecular dynamics. Their massive parallelism and reconfigurable architecture offer significant performance advantages over traditional computing architectures.

Datasheet Download

Download XCVU13P datasheet pdf>>

FAQS about XCVU13P

What development tools are available for XCVU13P?

Xilinx provides a comprehensive suite of development tools for designing and programming XCVU13P FPGAs. This includes Vivado Design Suite, which offers synthesis, implementation, and debugging tools, as well as IP integrator for designing complex systems using pre-built IP cores.

Is XCVU13P suitable for prototyping and production?

Yes, XCVU13P can be used for both prototyping and production deployments. It offers scalability and flexibility to accommodate various project sizes and requirements, from initial concept validation to full-scale production.

What are the power requirements of XCVU13P?

The power requirements of XCVU13P depend on the specific configuration and operating conditions. It is designed to optimize power consumption while delivering high performance, and power management features such as dynamic voltage and frequency scaling are available to further optimize power usage.

Is XCVU13P compatible with other Xilinx FPGAs and development boards?

Yes, XCVU13P is compatible with other Xilinx FPGAs and development boards, allowing for seamless integration into existing design environments and leveraging existing IP cores and software libraries.

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