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QuickLogic QuickPCI Family

QuickPCI Family

The QL5732 device in the QuickLogic QuickPCI Embedded Standard Product (ESP) family provides a complete and customizable PCI interface solution combined with programmable logic. This device eliminates any need for the designer to worry about PCI bus compliance, yet allows for the maximum 32-bit PCI bus bandwidth (132 MBps).

The programmable logic portion of the device contains 1,348 QuickLogic Logic Cells and 22 QuickLogic Dual-Port RAM Blocks. These configurable RAM blocks can be configured in many width/depth combinations. They can also be combined with logic cells to form FIFOs, or be initialized via Serial EEPROM on power-up and used as ROMs. 

The QL5732 device meets PCI 2.3 electrical and timing specifications and has been fully hardware-tested. This device also supports the Win'98 and PC'98 standards. The QL5732 device features 2.5 V operation with multi-volt compatible I/Os. The device can easily operate in 3 V embedded systems and is fully compatible with 3.3 V applications.

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