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QuickLogic PolarPro II Family

PolarPro II Family
The QuickLogic PolarPro II logic cell structure presented in Figure 2 is a single register, multiplexer-based logic cell. It is designed for wide fan-in and multiple, simultaneous output functions. The cell has a high fan-in, fits a wide range of functions with up to 24 simultaneous inputs (including register control lines), and four outputs
(three combinatorial and one registered). The high logic capacity and fan-in of the logic cell accommodates many user functions with a single level of logic delay.
The QuickLogic PolarPro II logic cell can implement:
• Two independent 3-input functions
• Any 4-input function
• 8 to 1 mux function
• Independent 2 to 1 mux function
• Single dedicated register with clock enable, active high set and reset signals
• Direct input selection to the register, which allows combinatorial and register logic to be used separately
• Combinatorial logic that can also be configured as an edge-triggered master-slave D flip-flop

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