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Lattice ORCA0 OR3LxxxB Series

ORCA0 OR3LxxxB Series

The ORCA OR3LXXxB FPGAs are a new generation of SRAM-based FPGAs built on the successful Series 2

and Series 3 FPGA lines from Lucent Technologies Microelectronics Group, with enhancements and innovations geared toward today's high-speed designs and tomorrow's systems on a single chip. Designed from the start to be synthesis friendly and to reduce place and route times while maintaining the complete routability of the ORCA Series 2 devices, the OR3LxxxB Series more than doubles the logic avail-able in each logic block and incorporates system-level features that can further reduce logic requirements and increase system speed. ORCA OR3LxxxB devices contain many new patented enhancements and are offered in a variety of packages, speed grades, and temperature ranges.

The ORCA OR3LxxxB Series FPGAs consist of three basic elements: PLCs, programmable input/output cells    (PICs), and system-level features. An array of PLCs is surrounded by PICs. Each PLC contains a PFU,a SLIC, local routing resources, and confiquration RAM.

Most of the FPGA logic is performed in the PFU, but decoders, PAL-like functions, and    3-state buffering can be performed in the SLIC. The PICs provide device inputs and outputs and can be used to register signals and to performinput demultiplexing, output multiplexing, and other functions on two output signals. Some of the system-level functions include the MPI and the PCM.

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