Hi, everybody,

I am jamie, a doctoral student in electrical engineering.

We are considering buying ZCU111, which has 8-channel ADC/DAC onboard.

May I ask you a few questions?

I am curious about the data format of ADC/DAC on this board, but I cannot find a detailed description in the user guide of this board.

This is my question.

1. Can the ADC / DAC work simultaneously in 8-channel mode?

If so, what is the maximum sampling rate achievable in this mode?

2. According to the user guide, ADC and DAC have 12-bit and 14-bit resolution respectively.

How to map samplesdata inside FPGA?

3. Do the ADC and DAC have synchronized clocks?

What is the relationship between the data clock in the FPGA and the sampling clock of the converter?

Thank you.