Hello everyone!

Does anyone use FT2232H and OpenOCD to flash the MAX II configuration file?

I have used FT2232H and OpenOCD to flash the STM32 program, debug is also available. Both SWO and JTAG methods are available.

Connect the DE10-Nano with FT2232H, the JTAG chain can be matched and recognized:


But after flashing the FPGA configuration file to DE10-Nano, it did not start up.

At the end of the SVF file, there is a sentence starting with SDR 1486 TDI that will fail. The prompt means that the data read back and the data sent are inconsistent with the expected result:


After commenting out the TDO and MASK parts, the SVF file can be run to completion:


But the FPGA did not run according to the configuration data.

It doesn't matter to me whether DE10-Nano can be used or not. My main purpose is to verify whether FT2232+OpenOCD can flash Intel FPGA. Now the process has gone through, but the result is still not right.

I don’t have MAX II devices in my hands. After preparing for the above preparations, buy AX II devices to use.

Thank you!