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Technology Mapping for LUT-Based FPGA

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Published time: 2021.05.19


Author:Kubica Marcin, Publisher:Springer Berlin Heidelberg, Publication date:December 2020 

This book covers selected topics of automated logic synthesis dedicated to FPGAs. The authors focused on two main problems: decomposition of the multioutput functions and technology mapping. Additionally, the idea of using binary decision diagrams (BDD) in these processes was presented. The book is a scientific monograph summarizing the authors’ many years of research. As a result, it contains a large number of experimental results, which makes it a valuable source for other researchers. The book has a significant didactic value. Its arrangement allows for a gradual transition from basic things (e.g., description of logic functions) to much more complex issues. 


This approach allows less advanced readers to better understand the described problems. In addition, the authors made sure that the issues described in the book were supported by practical examples, thanks to which the reader can independently analyze even the most complex problems described in the book.

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  • XC2S150-6PQ208I


  • SPARTAN-II Field-Programmable Gate Array
  • Product Categories:

    Lifecycle:Unconfirmed -

    RoHS: No RoHS

  • XC4010XL-3PQ160I


  • FPGA XC4000X Family 10K Gates 950 Cells 0.35um Technology 3.3V 160-Pin PQFP EP
  • Product Categories: Connecteurs

    Lifecycle:Obsolete -

    RoHS: No RoHS

  • XC4VFX100-11FFG1517C


  • FPGA Virtex-4 FX Family 94896 Cells 90nm Technology 1.2V 1517-Pin FCBGA
  • Product Categories: FPGAs

    Lifecycle:Active Active


  • XC4VFX12-10SF363C


  • FPGA Virtex-4 FX Family 12312 Cells 90nm Technology 1.2V 363-Pin FCBGA
  • Product Categories:

    Lifecycle:Active Active

    RoHS: No RoHS

  • XC4VFX12-11FF668C


  • FPGA Virtex-4 FX Family 12312 Cells 90nm Technology 1.2V 668-Pin FCBGA
  • Product Categories: FPGAs

    Lifecycle:Active Active

    RoHS: No RoHS

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