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Altera Stratix IV FPGA

Stratix IV FPGA

You'll discover the 40 nm Stratix IV FPGA family delivers density, performance, and low power. Leveraging 40 nm benefits and proven transceiver and memory interface technology, the Stratix IV FPGA family provides an unprecedented level of system bandwidth with superior signal integrity. 

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Stratix IV GT FPGAs

Up to 530K logic elements (LEs) and 48 full-duplex clock data recovery (CDR)-based transceivers at up to 11.3 Gbps

Stratix IV GX FPGAs

Up to 530K LEs and 48 full-duplex CDR-based transceivers at up to 8.5 Gbps

Stratix IV E FPGAs

Up to 820K LEs, 23.1-MB RAM, and up to 1,288 18x18 multipliers

Stratix IV FPGA Devices

Stratix IV FPGA Documents

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