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Altera Stratix III Enhanced FPGA

Stratix III Enhanced FPGA

The Stratix III family provides one of the most architecturally advanced, high-performance, low-power FPGAs in the marketplace. 

Stratix III FPGAs lower power consumption through Altera’s innovative Programmable Power Technology, which provides the ability to turn on the performance where needed and turn down the power consumption for blocks not in use. Selectable Core Voltage and the latest in silicon process optimizations are also employed to deliver the industry’s lowest power, high-performance FPGAs. 

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Specifically designed for ease of use and rapid system integration, the Stratix III FPGA family offers two variants optimized to meet different application needs:
■ The Stratix III L family provides balanced logic, memory, and multiplier ratios for mainstream applications.
■ The Stratix III E family is memory- and multiplier-rich for data-centric applications.

Stratix III Enhanced FPGA Devices

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