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Altera Stratix 10 FPGA

Stratix 10 FPGA

Stratix 10 FPGAs and SoCs deliver the highest performance along with the highest levels of system integration. Learn more about the unique capabilities and breakthrough advantages that Stratix 10 devices deliver to enable next-generation, high-performance systems in a wide-range of applications below.

Stratix 10 GX FPGAs

Stratix 10 GX FPGAs are designed to meet the high-performance demands of high-throughput systems with up to 10 TFLOPS of floating-point performance and transceiver support up to 28.3 Gbps for chip-module, chip-to-chip, and backplane applications.

Stratix 10 SX SoC FPGAs

Stratix 10 SX SoC FPGAs feature hard processor system with 64 bit quad-core ARM* Cortex-A53 processor available in all densities in addition to all the features of Stratix 10 GX devices.

Stratix 10 TX FPGAs

Stratix 10 TX FPGAs deliver the most advanced transceiver capabilities in the industry by combining H- and E- transceiver tiles. The E-tile provides dual-mode transceiver capabilities, allowing a single transceiver channel to operate up to 56 Gbps in PAM-4 mode or 28.9 Gbps in NRZ mode. Stratix 10 TX FPGAs also support the other breakthrough innovations of the Stratix GX and SX variants.

Stratix 10 MX FPGAs

Stratix 10 MX FPGAs combine the programmability and flexibility of Stratix 10 FPGAs and SoCs with 3D stacked high-bandwidth memory 2 (HBM2) in a single package. Stratix 10 MX FPGAs support both H- and E- transceiver tiles.

stratix-10 MX.jpg

Stratix 10 DX FPGAs

Stratix 10 DX FPGAs are the first FPGA devices to support Ultra Path Interconnect (UPI) for direct coherent connection to future select Xeon Scalable processor. They include a PCIe* Gen4 interface with up to x16 configuration at 16 GT/s and new memory controller to support select Optane DC persistent memory.

Stratix 10 NX FPGA

An AI-optimized FPGA for high-bandwidth, low-latency artificial intelligence (AI) acceleration applications. The Stratix 10 NX FPGA delivers accelerated AI compute solution through AI-optimized compute blocks with up to 15X more INT82 throughput than standard Stratix 10 FPGA DSP Block; in package 3D stacked HBM high-bandwidth DRAM; and up to 57.8G PAM4 transceivers.

Stratix 10 FPGA Devices

Stratix 10 FPGA Documents

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