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Altera FLEX 6000 PLD


The Altera FLEX 6000 programmable logic device (PLD) family provides a low-cost alternative to high-volume gate array designs. FLEX 6000 devices are based on the OptiFLEX architecture, which minimizes die size while maintaining high performance and routability. The devices have reconfigurable SRAM elements, which give designers the flexibility to quickly change their designs during prototyping and design testing. Designers can also change functionality during operation via in-circuit reconfiguration.

FLEX 6000 devices are reprogrammable, and they are 100% tested prior to shipment. As a result, designers are not required to generate test vectors for fault coverage purposes, allowing them to focus on simulation and design verification. In addition, the designer does not need to manage inventories of different gate array designs. FLEX 6000 devices are configured on the board for the specific functionality required.

FLEX 6000 PLD Devices

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