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Altera Cyclone V FPGA

Cyclone V FPGA

Compared with previous generations of products, the Altera Cyclone V series adopts TSMC's 28-nm low-power (28LP) process for development, reducing total power consumption by 40% and static power consumption by 30%. Cyclone V FPGAs provide the lowest power serial transceivers. Each channel consumes only 88-mW at 5Gbps and has a processing performance of up to 4,000-MIPS, while power consumption is less than 1.8W. Besides, the series integrates a wealth of hard-core intellectual property modules. To protect valuable IP investment, the series also provides the most comprehensive design protection features, including support for volatile and non-volatile keys 256-bit advanced encryption standard (AES ).

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  • Multifunctional hard-core memory controller supporting 400MHz DDR3 and PCI Express Gen2 hard-core IP modules

  • Has a more effective logic synthesis function

  • Use dual-core ARM CORTEX A9 hardcore processor


  • industry

  • Wireless and wired

  • Military equipment

  • car market

The following are Altera Cyclone V series products, welcome to view.

Cyclone V FPGA Devices

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