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Altera Cyclone IV GX FPGA

Cyclone IV GX FPGA
This chapter describes the electrical and switching characteristics for Cyclone IV devices. Electrical characteristics include operating conditions and power
consumption. Switching characteristics include transceiver specifications, core, and periphery performance. This chapter also describes I/O timing, including
programmable I/O element (IOE) delay and programmable output buffer delay.
This chapter includes the following sections:
■ “Operating Conditions” on page 1–1
■ “Power Consumption” on page 1–16
■ “Switching Characteristics” on page 1–16
■ “I/O Timing” on page 1–37
■ “Glossary” on page 1–37

Cyclone IV GX FPGA Devices

Cyclone IV GX FPGA Documents

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