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Actel SmartFusion Customizable System-on-Chip

SmartFusion Customizable System-on-Chip

The SmartFusion family of cSoCs builds on the technology first introduced with the Fusion mixed signal FPGAs. SmartFusion cSoCs are made possible by integrating FPGA technology with programmable high-performance analog and hardened ARM Cortex-M3 microcontroller blocks on a flash semiconductor process. The SmartFusion cSoC takes its name from the fact that these three discrete technologies are integrated on a single chip, enabling the lowest cost of ownership and smallest footprint solution to you. 


Actel's SmartFusion Intelligent Mixed-Signal FPGAs are the only devices that integrate an FPGA, ARM® Cortex™-M3, and programmable analog, offering full customizaTIon, IP protecTIon, and ease-of-use. Based on Actels proprietary flash process, SmartFusion FPGAs are ideal for hardware and embedded designers who need a true system-on-chip (SoC) soluTIon that gives more flexibility than tradiTIonal fixed-function microcontrollers—without the excessive cost of soft processor cores on traditional FPGAs.

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SmartFusion Customizable System-on-Chip Devices

SmartFusion Customizable System-on-Chip Documents

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