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Actel ProASIC 500K Family

ProASIC 500K Family

The ProASIC 500K family’s nonvolatile Flash technology combines the advantages of ASICs with the benefits of programmable devices. ProASIC 500K devices shorten time-to-production by enabling designers to create high-density systems using existing ASIC or FPGA design flows and tools. ASIC migration is not necessary for any volume because the family offers cost effective reprogrammable solutions, ideal for applications in the networking, telecom, computer, and consumer markets. 

The ProASIC 500K family consists of four devices ranging from 100k to 475k system gates and with up to 63k bits of embedded two-port memory. These memory blocks include hardwired FIFO circuitry as well as circuits to generate or check parity. This minimizes external logic gate count and complexity while maximizing flexibility and utility。

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