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Actel PolarFire FPGAs

PolarFire FPGAs

Microchip/Microsemi extends its non-volatile FPGA leadership with the PolarFire family of cost-optimized FPGAs. PolarFire FPGAs deliver up to 50% lower power than equivalent SRAM FPGAs.

The devices are ideal for a wide range of applications within wireline access networks and cellular infrastructure, defense and commercial aviation markets, as well as industrial automation and IoT markets.

As a true broad-range FPGA supplier, we offer FPGA product families spanning 1K to 500K Logic Elements (LEs).

The devices offer unprecedented capabilities while maintaining all the advantages traditionally associated with non-volatile FPGAs such as the lowest static power, security and Single Event Upset (SEU) immunity.

PolarFire FPGA.jpg

Cost-Optimized Architecture

• Transceiver performance optimized for 12.7 Gbps, which yields smaller size

• Architecture and process optimizations for specific bandwidths (10 Gbps–40 Gbps) at specific densities

• 1.6 Gbps I/Os—best-in-class hardened I/O gearing logic with CDR (supports SGMII/GbE links on these GPIOs)

• High-performance, best-in-class hardened security IP in mid-range devices

Power Optimization

• The lowest static power—28 nm non-volatile process yields very low static power

• Optimized for 12.7 Gbps, which yields the lowest power

• Low-power modes—Flash*Freeze yields best-in-class standby power

• Integrated hard IP—DDR PHY, PCIe endpoint/root port, crypto processor

• Total power (static and dynamic)—up to 50% lower powe

PolarFire FPGAs Devices

PolarFire FPGAs Documents

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