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Actel Integrator Series FPGAs

Integrator Series FPGAs

Actel’s Integrator Series FPGAs are the first programmable logic devices optimized for high-speed system logic integration. Based on Actel’s proprietary antifuse technology and 0.6-micron double metal CMOS process, Integrator Series devices offer a fine-grained, register-rich architecture with embedded dual-port SRAM and wide-decode circuitry. 

Integrator Series’ 3200DX and 1200XL families were designed to integrate system logic which is typically implemented in multiple CPLDs, PALs, and FPGAs. These devices provide the features and performance required for today’s complex, high-speed digital logic systems. The 3200DX family offers fast dual-port SRAM for implementing FIFOs, LIFOs, and temporary data storage. The large number of storage elements can efficiently address applications requiring wide datapath manipulation and transformation functions such as telecommunications, networking, and DSP.

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