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Actel IGLOO nano Low Power Flash FPGAs

IGLOO nano Low Power Flash FPGAs

The IGLOO family of flash FPGAs, based on a 130-nm flash process, offers the lowest power FPGA, a single-chip solution, small footprint packages, reprogrammability, and an abundance of advanced features.

The Flash*Freeze technology used in IGLOO nano devices enables entering and exiting an ultra-low power mode that consumes nanoPower while retaining SRAM and register data. Flash*Freeze technology simplifies power management through I/O and clock management with rapid recovery to operation mode. 

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The Low Power Active capability (static idle) allows for ultra-low power consumption while the IGLOO nano device is completely functional in the system. This allows the IGLOO nano device to control system power management based on external inputs (e.g., scanning for keyboard stimulus) while consuming minimal power.

Nonvolatile flash technology gives IGLOO nano devices the advantage of being a secure, low power, single-chip solution that is Instant On. The IGLOO nano device is reprogrammable and offers time-tomarket benefits at an ASIC-level unit cost. These features enable designers to create high-density systems using existing ASIC or FPGA design flows and tools.

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IGLOO nano Low Power Flash FPGAs Devices

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