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Actel FPGA RT ProASIC3 Family


The radiation-tolerant (RT) ProASIC3 family of Microsemi flash FPGAs dramatically reduces dynamic power consumption by 40% and static power by 50%. These power savings are coupled with performance, density, true single chip, 1.2 V to 1.5 V core and I/O operation, reprogrammability, and advanced features. The RT ProASIC3 FPGA is based on the ProASIC3EL family of low power FPGAs.

Microsemi's proven Flash*Freeze technology enables RT ProASIC3 device users to shut off dynamic power instantaneously and switch the device to static mode without the need to switch off clocks or power supplies, and retaining internal states of the device. This greatly simplifies power management. In addition, optimized software tools using power-driven layout provide instant push-button power reduction.

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