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  • UltraScale - FPGAs Based on 20nm Process

    UltraScale is a 20nm process-based FPGA, while UltraScale+ is a 16nm process-based FPGA, and although the process is different, the internal architecture is the...

    Date: Mar 20, 2023
  • Why use SDRAM for FPGA development boards

    SDRAM has a synchronization interface that waits for a clock signal before responding to a control input to synchronise it with the computer's system bus.

    Date: Nov 02, 2022
  • Matter Standard - The Future of Smart Home Design

    The smart home market is estimated to be worth approximately $53 billion. Years of research and development in wireless communications have produced network pro...

    Date: Oct 22, 2022
  • FPGA configuration mode

    FPGA configuration mode

    Although the configuration modes of FPGAs vary, the workflow of FPGAs is the same throughout the configuration process, which is divided into three parts: setup, load, and boot.

    Date: Oct 18, 2022
  • What efforts has Google made to advance RISC-V development?

    What efforts has Google made to advance RISC-V development?

    Among the founding members of the RISC-V International Foundation, many have already contributed to the development of the RISC-V ecosystem, such as SiFive, Crystal Heart, Syntacore, Codasip, Lattice, Microchip, etc., have launched RISC-V IP core sol...

    Date: Oct 11, 2022

FPGA Selection Methodology for your real-time projects, Select FPGA Chips (Vendor/Family/Series)

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